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The images in the collection were classified by wheel arrangement by Mr. Schenzinger. You may also access the collection by road name without the descriptive text. The common name for each wheel arrangement is used here, although different roads had different names for their locomotives. The Milwaukee Road, for instance, called their 4-6-4s Baltics rather than Hudsons; the C & O called their 2-8-4s Kanawahs rather than Berkshires. The descriptive information included with each image is mostly from the colletor's original photo album. As indicated in previous text, I have added some minor corrections and added some information for photos that had no comments.

Wes Barris has a write up on the Whyte system of locomotive wheel arrangement classification.

This information was originally provided by The Rip Track web site created by Darryl Van Nort. This information was preserved off-line in 1997 and is reproduced here by permission essentially as it was originally presented. Please note that all images are copyright 1995 Darryl Van Nort.

2-8-0 Consolidations

2-8-2 Mikados

2-8-4 Berkshires

2-10-0 Decapods

2-10-2 Santa Fes

2-10-4 Texas'

4-4-2 Atlantic

4-6-0 Ten Wheelers

4-6-2 Pacifics

4-6-4 Hudsons

4-8-2 Mountains

4-8-4 Northerns

4-10-2 Overland/S.P.

4-12-2 9000's

All images Copyright 1995 Darryl Van Nort

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